Wonderbly Best Mum Ever Personalised Book Review

A personalised book to let your mum know what makes her special

Best Mum Ever

Books make wonderful (or should that be Wonderbly?) gifts, especially personalised books. We recently received and reviewed a personalised book for the kids to share from Wonderbly, the personalised books company. The kids really enjoyed their Where Are You? Save the Multiverse! search-and-find book, they really loved having their names on the cover, throughout the story and even having customised characters with a similar likeness to them throughout the story and they spent hours poring over the pages looking for the images that they needed to find, including themselves. We thought it was such a great book that would made the perfect gift for book or puzzle loving children we thought that we would try one Wonderbly’s personalised books for adults. With so much choice of personalised books on the Wonderbly website the kids decided that they wanted to give one to their mum, so we chose their Best Mum Ever personalised book.

Wonderbly’s Best Mum Ever personalised book is a 42-page book dedicated to that special person (Best Dad Ever, Best Husband Ever and Best Wife Ever are also available). It is personalised with the name of the recipient, their children and partner’s name (these are optional) and every page is dedicated to mum with their name on the pages. It really does make a wonderful gift for special occasions, just because you want to give your mum a nice surprise or show her how much you appreciate her.

The Best Mum Ever personalised book is described by Wonderbly as “a hilarious, heartfelt celebration of what makes that mum in your life the very best, ever! Just choose the special qualities that reflect her, and hey presto – a personalised book bursting with delightful detail.” – I think we can agree we that, it is a joy to read and certainly brings a smile to the lucky recipient’s face.

Personalising the book is simple and you can add customisation details in a few simple clicks. You add the name of the recipient (first and last name) which is printed on the front cover and throughout the book, but you also have to add some other details to make it that bit more special and personal. After adding the name, you need to select eight qualities that makes your mum who she is – choose from the following to become chapters in the book:

  • Hardworking
  • Knowledgeable
  • Practical
  • Supportive
  • Funny
  • Dependable
  • Kind
  • Loving
  • Great at Cooking
  • Great with Kids

Once the qualities have been chosen, if you want to you can add the name of the children and partner’s name. These will also be printed in various places throughout the book to make it even more personal. You can then add your own personal message or dedication that will get printed on the first page of the book (up to 400 characters). All that is left to do then is choose whether you want the book printed in a softcover or hardcover format (the price is different for each), and then select from one of 4 different covers (the trophy cover is free, the other covers have an extra charge of £1.50).

Once all the personalisation details have been added, you can view the entire book to make sure that you are happy with it and can go back and make any changes easily if necessary. Make sure to check all spellings. Once happy with your creation, add to your cart and checkout. You then have the option to have it gift wrapped for £3.99 if you require it. There is a shipping charge of £3.99 for standard delivery or £6.99 for speedy delivery (24 hours faster than standard) if shipping to the UK (can be shipped worldwide but cost varies). Payment is made by Paypal. Once ordered, your personalised book is printed and shipped within 48 hours.

Once we had received our personalised Best Mum Ever book in the hardcover format, the kids couldn’t wait to give it to her. It is a very high-quality book printed in vivid colour on some thick, high-quality paper which is sourced from sustainable forests (FSC-certified). It really does look and feel like a quality gift and a perfect keepsake that will be treasured.

Over the 42 pages in the book, each page features messages and images of just what makes the best mum ever. The text is very heart-warming to read, and the images used have some great detail and make excellent fun reading, especially pages like the bookshelf and “Mumverts” pages (the Mumverts looks like a newspaper classified pages with all the jobs mum does, from Private Detective to IT and homework support with lots in between).

Overall, the Best Mum Ever personalised book is absolutely wonderful. Not only was it an excellent gift for their mum, but it was also good to see the kids sitting their reading it with her.

The Wonderbly website is so easy to navigate with a simple personalisation and ordering process.

The quality of the book is fantastic, and it is certainly going to be a treasured keepsake. It provides some excellent reading with lots of giggles along the way.

If you are looking for a quality gift to give to mum for whatever reason, it might be their birthday or you just want to cheer her up, Wonderbly’s Best Mum Ever personalised book provides great heart-felt entertainment, fun and giggles and will be a book that takes pride of place on the bookshelf, an excellent precious keepsake that will be treasured and read by the entire family more than once.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: from £24.99 (Softcover) / £29.99 (Hardcover)

For more information or to buy, visit www.wonderbly.com.

DISCLOSURE: I was provided with a free copy of this book for the purposes of writing a honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This review uses an affiliate link which I may receive a small commission from if you purchase through the link.