Jean Harrod

Jean Harrod

Jean Harrod, a former British diplomat, is the author of crime thrillers – the Diplomatic Crime Thriller Series featuring diplomat Jess Turner and DI Tom Sangster: Deadly Diplomacy, Deadly Deceit and Missing in Shanghai.

As a British diplomat she has lived and worked in all the countries that her books are set in.

Born and educated in the UK, Jean spent much of her life working overseas as a British diplomat in Embassies and High Commissions in Australia, Brussels, the Caribbean, China, East Berlin, Indonesia, Mauritius, and Switzerland. She has travelled extensively around the world and writes about all the countries she had lived in or visited.

Jean enjoys writing crime and suspense because gripping and tightly woven plots give her a chance to explore the psychology of what makes people commit chilling crimes. She uses that experience, and her considerable knowledge inside Government and behind the cloak of diplomacy, to shape her fictional plots and characters.

Jean now lives in North Yorkshire. She is a member of Script Yorkshire and an active contributor to regional theatre. She has written and staged several plays.

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Books in order:

Diplomatic Crime Thriller Series
Deadly Diplomacy (2015)
Deadly Deceit (2016)
Missing in Shanghai (2018)

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