Richard Montanari

Richard Montanari

Richard Montanari was born in Cleveland, Ohio to a traditional Italian-American family in December 1962. He is an American crime writer most well-known for his Byrne and Balzano series.

He joined the construction firm that his family owned but after he smashed his thumbs too many times he decided to go in writing, starting by getting some articles published in big newspapers. During this time, he also wrote what would become “Deviant Way”, his first novel which earned him a book deal with Simon & Schuster.

He has written nine books in the Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano series, also known as the Philadelphia series; The Rosary Girls, The Skin Gods, Broken Angels, Play Dead, The Echo Man, The Killing Room, The Stolen Ones, The Doll Maker and Shutter Man.

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Jack Paris / Cleveland Series
Deviant Way (1995)
Kiss of Evil (2001)

Byrne & Balzano / Philadelphia Series
The Rosary Girls (2005)
The Skin Gods (2006)
Broken Angels (aka Merciless) (2007)
Play Dead (aka Badlands) (2008)
The Echo Man (2011)
The Killing Room (2012)
The Stolen Ones (2013)
The Doll Maker (2014)
Shutter Man (2015)

Standalone Novels
The Violet Hour (1998)
The Devil’s Garden (2009)
The Buried Girl (2018)

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