J. D. Barker

J. D. Barker

J. D. Barker (Jonathan Dylan Barker) is an international bestselling American author. His work has been broadly described as suspense thrillers, often incorporating elements of horror, crime, mystery, science fiction, and the supernatural. He was born in January 1971, in Lombard, Illinois, USA and moved to Florida when he was fourteen.

His first novel Forsaken was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award (Best Debut Novel) and won a handful of others including a New Apple Medalist Award. After reading Forsaken, Bram Stoker’s family reached out to Barker and asked him to co-author a prequel to Dracula utilizing Bram’s original notes and journals, much of which has never been made public. This novel was titled Dracul. His indie success came to the attention of traditional agents and publishers and the 4MK thriller series was born comprising of The Fourth Monkey, The Fifth to Die and The Sixth Wicked Child.

J. D. Barker splits his time between Englewood, FL, and Pittsburgh, PA, with his wife, Dayna.

For more information about J. D. Barker and his books, visit jdbarker.com.

Books in order:

Shadow Cove Saga
Forsaken (2014)

4MK Series
The Fourth Monkey (2017)
The Fifth to Die (2018)
The Sixth Wicked Child (2019)

Standalone Novels
Dracul (with Dacre Stoker) (2018)
She Has a Broken Thing Where Her Heart Should Be (2020)
A Callers Game (2021)

James Patterson Series
The Coast-to-Coast Murders (with James Patterson) (2020)
The Noise (with James Patterson) (2021)
Death of the Black Widow (with James Patterson) (2022)

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