Sharon Bolton

Sharon Bolton

Sharon Bolton, born in Lancashire in the North of England in 1960, is a British author of crime and mystery fiction who has also been published under the name S.J. Bolton.

She has won several awards for her writing. In 2010 she won the Mary Higgins Clark award for her second novel, which is entitled ‘The Awakening’. She has also won the Crime Writers Association (or CWA) Dagger Award for her whole body of work.

The Lacey Flint novels are perhaps Bolton’s most well-known books (there are currently 5 in the series). They are named after their main protagonist, detective constable Lacey Flint, who works for the London Metropolitan Police. These are police procedural novels, and they focus as much on Flint’s struggles in her personal and professional life as they do on the thrilling and sometimes disturbingly dark crimes that she has to solve.

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Books in order:

Lacey Flint Series
Now You See Me (2011)
Dead Scared (2012)
Like This, For Ever (2013)
A Dark and Twisted Tide (2014)
The Dark (2022)

The Craftsman Series
The Craftsman (2018)
The Buried (2022)

Standalone Novels
Sacrifice (2008)
Awakening (2009)
Blood Harvest (2010)
Little Black Lies (2015)
Daisy in Chains (2016)
Dead Woman Walking (2017)
The Split (2020)
The Pact (2021)

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