Wild About Animals Review

Fantastic facts about the animal kingdom

Wild About Animals

Children love to learn, but in a fun way and without being overloaded with too much information, books that they can read cover to cover or just dip in and out of. The Wild About children’s encyclopaedias from Miles Kelly are excellent for delivering facts in a fun and child-friendly way and are packed with facts and images, with each title covering a different topic. We recently enjoyed reading though Wild About British History, loving the way it was laid out with its small snippets of information so decided to try another in the series, Wild About Animals.

Wild About Animals is 160 pages that are just bursting with hundreds (376 to be exact) of facts, images, diagrams and quizzes to help children learn about the wonders of the animal kingdom. This is a very informative book looking at a variety of different animals and is suitable for children aged 7-11 (Key Stage 2), ideal for independent reading and learning with each fact checked by experts for accuracy. Excellent for school projects, homework or just to learn new things about different animals and increase general knowledge.

Readers and young learners picking up this hardback book will be about to find out more about Mammals (including mammal groups, mothers and babies, creatures of the night, etc.), Birds (including fast movers, superb swimmers, flightless birds, etc.), Reptiles and Amphibians (including fliers and leapers, dangerous enemies, reptiles in danger, etc.) and Endangered Animals (including too late to save, on the critical list, captive breeding, etc.), all laid out under the relevant chapters.

Overall, Wild About Animals is an excellent book the gives snippets of information about hundreds of different animals from African hunting dogs to zebras, and lots more inbetween. It is perfect for dipping in and out of and has a comprehensive index so that you can easily jump to the animal that you want to read about. The facts are all numbered and give basic information, allowing young readers to find out about a large variety of animals without overloading them with information.

It isn’t just a book filled with text, it is also very visual as the facts are accompanied by excellent colourful photos, illustrations and wonderful diagrams.

As readers work their way through the pages, there are small quizzes to test knowledge of what the young curious reader has read, projects such as how to feed birds and I Don’t Believe It fun facts. Plenty to read and do and children will have a great time wowing parents, carers, teachers and friends with their newfound knowledge.

There is plenty of very informative information to be discovered through the pages of this book. Did you know that a camel drinks as much as 100 litres of water at one time, or that an elf owl nests in a desert cactus, or that some amphibians have no lungs or that the Galapagos giant tortoise is under threat as people have introduced different animals to their environment? You can read all about these are lots more in Wild About Animals.

Packed with hundreds of facts about a large variety of animals, some you will have heard about before but plenty that you have never heard about before, quizzes to test knowledge and little projects you can complete at home or school, this is a fantastic book that is fun to read. Children will love it.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £17.99 (Hardback)

For more information, visit www.mileskelly.net. Available to buy from Amazon here.

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