Apocalypse Later by Nice Mr Death Review

A guide to the end of the world

Apocalypse Later

This book will change your afterlife

Have you ever pondered what happens after you leave this mortal coil? Apocalypse Later blows the lid on death and the afterlife. Forget the TV Evangelists, the soapbox religious preaching and the charlatans trying to sell you their versions of the afterlife (or is that afterlie?), the Grim Reaper lays it all out in this book. It is a book written by Nice Mr Death (aka the comedian Mark Speed) and is a book about the end of the world, death and the afterlife as seen in various different, major and minor, religions and cults around the world.

There are lots of various end of the world and life in the afterlife theories floating around, some are especially amusing, and you are free to believe in them or not, I do not. So a book about the end of the world and the afterlife didn’t grab my attention, until I noticed that it was written by the Nice Mr Death, surely this wasn’t a book about God, religion and death? As it turns out it is a well-written, well researched, informative and humorous look into religions and cults and their own End of the World theories and what you can expect to be waiting for you in the afterlife (should you believe in it).

As it is about death and the afterlife it is a rather dark topic and probably not a topic that many people would want to read about. But it has a lot of humour and has been approached and presented in a very light-hearted way. Apocalypse Later is a relatively short book but its 112 pages offer a lot of facts, complete with summaries of the pros and cons about each religion featured. I learned some new and interesting things, all whilst having a smile on my face. I also found the answers to questions such as:

  • How old will you and your grandparents be in Heaven?
  • Which religion guarantees free wine?
  • Would a bath in white-hot liquid metal be a good thing?
  • Who offers in-coffin entertainment?
  • Why can’t Christians do maths?

Whilst the subject matter of death may not be your normal reading material, it is a thoroughly enjoyable and humorous read and you do not need to have an interest in death, religion, cults, the afterlife or the Grim Reaper himself, just a healthy interest in comedy and facts. It is a very engaging and quirky book that is witty and light-hearted whilst not being an outright comedy book, but still manages to be informative, humorous and a real joy to read. So if you want to make the best of your afterlife and go in with as much information as you can (or maybe not) then you have nothing to lose by reading Apocalypse Later, but you will have a good time reading it and see the lighter side of the Nice Mr Death.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £4.99 (Paperback) / £2.99 (Kindle)

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