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The Christmas Pig by J. K. Rowling Review

We are now entering a brand new year - 2022! We have just finished our Christmas festivities - a time for celebration, family fun...

The Befana Drama 2: Capriccia’s Conundrum by Gianna Hartwright Review

Kids love a bit of adventure in their stories, along with magic, witches, wizards and a variety of other interesting and exciting characters. At...

Covi, the Little Christmas Dinosaur Review

It is nearly Christmas, the time of year when being helpful and kind is even more prevalent. During the ongoing national and local lockdowns...

A Snowflake’s Guide to Christmas by Dave Skinner Review

Whether you love or hate it, it is coming around to that time of year again, CHRISTMAS! Whilst this year is going to be...

Billy and the Balloons by Elizabeth Dale Review

This year hasn’t been the best for the world so thinking of Christmas isn’t something that will be at the forefront of most people’s...

The Befana Drama by Gianna Hartwright Review

The Befana is the Italian version of Santa Claus, a VIPB (Very Important Present Bringer). She delivers her presents to children in Italy, and...