Boris and the Dumb Skulls by Frank Hinks Review

Ramion Series Collection: Book #16

Dumb Skulls

The stories from the Ramion series by Frank Hinks are based in the Kent village of Shoreham. This is where three adventure loving children, Julius, Alexander and Benjamin, live and the trio have great imaginations, turning the woods and hills around their home into the magical land of Ramion. Ramion is a magical place where anything is possible and very frequently lots of unusual things do as I previously found out in The Body Collector (book number fifteen in the series). We are now back for another adventure with the boys, Griselda the evil witch, Boris, the not so evil, floating skull and a supporting cast of dim dwarves, mummies, vampires, ghosts and more in Boris and the Dumb Skulls.

Boris and the Dumb Skulls (and no we are not talking about our elected government featuring the Prime Minister, his cabinet and his MPs – sorry kids that is one fairytale that is not make believe) is book number sixteen in the Ramion fantasy adventure series.

Boris the floating skull still hasn’t been reunited with his body. Unfortunately, it is still in the possession of Charlie Stench, aka The Body Collector, he is not a very nice man. Boris is now looking for fame and freedom from his mistress, Griselda the Witch. Whilst in the shed talking to Griselda’s guards, the three dim dwarves Julioso, Aliano and Benjio they decide to start a punk rock band called Boris and The Dumb Skulls. Boris will be the lead singer while the dwarves will make up the rest of the band and play the instruments.

To create their band, they need instruments. But as no one has money to buy them they resort to stealing Griselda’s gold, exchanging it for cash in town. This enables them to buy the instruments that they need: guitars, drums and amplifiers.

Meanwhile, Griselda is hungry. If you have read any of the previous books in this series, you will know that she likes to eat children. Her larder is empty so she comes up with a plan to get Boris’ body back from Charlie Stench with the aim that Boris will marry her, and they will have lots of children (sounds quite environmentally friendly with growing your own).

After a whole month of practice, Boris and the Dumb Skulls have their first official gig in a local pub, where they are followed to it by Fifi, a dead French witch who loves to dance, and her jealous dead husband.

Julius, Alexander and Benjamin’s dad also decides to go and see the new band (and he didn’t ask permission to do so from the boy’s mother, his wife). This is the start of a brand-new adventure for the boys and their magic cat Snuggle.

Will Griselda fulfil her devious plan to marry Boris? Will Boris and his new band find the fame and freedom they crave? And will the boys be able to get their father back home before their mother finds out what is going on?

Overall, Boris and The Dumb Skulls is another excellent children’s adventure in the Ramion series. It is packed with humour, fantasy and adventure – everything a child’s imagination wants from an exciting story. There are some excellent characters with witches, magic cats, ghosts, mummies, vampires and of course, a floating skull.

It is a very well written fun, exciting and engaging fantasy adventure story. One that is very easy to read and digest, making it very entertaining. Children will just love to read it and parents will enjoy reading it with them, especially at bedtimes.

Make believe at it best.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £12.99 (Hardback) / £8.99 (Paperback)

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