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The Heart Scarab by Saviour Pirotta Review

The reading of books and stories is a wonderful way to take yourself off to another time and place, losing yourself in the magic...

Boris and the Dumb Skulls by Frank Hinks Review

The stories from the Ramion series by Frank Hinks are based in the Kent village of Shoreham. This is where three adventure loving children,...

The Body Collector by Frank Hinks Review

Kids loved to read about magic, fantasy and adventure. The Ramion Series Collection perfectly blends the three together to create some truly magical fantasy...

Daughter of the Sun by Zoe Kalo Review

The school holidays are in progress, the sun is shining (at the minute for most anyway) and for the kids it is time to...

Wishker by Heather Pindar Review

If you have young children, you should spend at least 10 minutes every night reading to them, with them, or have them read to...