The Jackal’s Graveyard by Saviour Pirotta Review

The Nile Adventures: Book #3

Jackal's Graveyard

Why is reading so much better when the sun is shining? I can’t answer that, but relaxing with a good book while the sun shines is perfect – especially when the book you are reading is set in a place with lots of sun, sand and deserts! I have just finished reading the penultimate book in The Nile Adventures series, The Jackal’s Graveyard by Saviour Pirotta, set in the sandy deserts of Ancient Egypt and loved it – exciting, entertaining and engaging.

Saviour Pirotta is a writer of some fantastic historical fiction adventure books for children (junior readers, aged 7+). They are fictional stories packed with adventure which make excellent engaging reading for children but at the same time the stories are packed with facts about the time period they are set in so that readers learn about the history and cultures of different time periods.

The Nile Adventures is a series of 4 books set in Ancient Egypt, following two brothers and their adventures. Book number 3, The Jackal’s Graveyard is the penultimate book in series and continues the adventure of Renni, Mahu and Princess Balaal. Fresh from their defeat of the evil Paser, the trio have been invited to the Pharoah’s newest city by their royal friend Prince Khaem. Renni has been offered a new painting job, his brother Mahi has been offered an apprenticeship on a barge and Balaal just longs to go home. But the Black Lands of Ancient Egypt are full of spies and enemies of the Pharoah, and danger is always around the corner, especially when Renni hears a cryptic message that could spell trouble for their royal friend. To save their friend, the trio of adventurers must embark on another mission to decipher the clues and stop chaos being unleashed.

Overall, The Jackal’s Graveyard is a wonderful continuation of The Nile Adventures by Saviour Pirotta. Renni, Mahu and Balaal are back for another exiting and tense adventure in a story that features a gang of vandals, forgotten temples, spies, dangerous plots and magic.

This is an excellent chapter book that junior readers will enjoy. With its magic, adventure, and good vs evil plot, coupled with the unbreakable bonds of friendship, children will be engrossed in the story. It is a fast-paced historical adventure that whilst children are caught of in the adventures of three heroes, they will also be increasing their knowledge of Ancient Egypt as the historical parts have been well-researched to be as accurate as can be, so readers will pick up facts about Ancient Egypt, their gods, beliefs, magic and customs (and without even knowing that they are learning something).

It is a story that is easy to read and well-written. And if the engaging text wasn’t enough to visualise the story, there are some really interesting illustrations, by Jo Lindley, that help to bring the story to life.

The Jackal’s Graveyard is an excellent and exciting instalment in The Nile Adventures series, and I can’t wait for the conclusion of the series in The Cat Goddess.

A thrilling adventure of friendship, spies, magic and dangerous plots that is sure to be a howling success.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £6.99 (Paperback)

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