Baboon on the Moon by Claire Bates Review

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Bedtime stories are extremely important to a child’s education. They are not only an excellent way of spending some quality time with your children at the end of the day but also helps them learn to read, learn new vocabulary and how to use language. That means getting the perfect bedtime stories that are varied and interesting can be an interesting challenge. Picking out a book for children can be a difficult task, there is so much choice and you want something that will make a good story that isn’t too long or even too short, one that will entertain, engage, inspire and encourage discussion. Books featuring animals are generally a good bet, as are stories involving distant lands and even other planets. So a rhyming bedtime story that takes the reader out of this world and to another place has to be a winner.

We have all heard of the man in the moon, although there are different variations and traditions on how he came to be there. But have you ever heard of the Baboon on the Moon? If you haven’t then you are not alone, but if you have, have you ever wondered what he could be doing there? In Baboon on the Moon we are going to find out.

Baboon on the Moon, written by Claire Bates, is a fun rhyming book for children about a baboon who has made the journey to the moon and set up home there. Meet Edgar St Neeze, an inquisitive baboon, who as far as I know has never met the man in the moon. Having considered the age-old and frequently asked question of whether the moon is made of cheese, he spends his days determined to prove that it is!

Overall, Baboon on the Moon is a charming and fun children’s rhyming book that would make perfect bedtime reading. It is an amusing story about a baboon and how he is absolutely sure that the moon is not made of cheese, yet every day tries to prove that it is.

An engaging tale that rhymes beautifully and will engage and immerse children in the story, encouraging questions and discussion about the story, perfect for comprehension.

As well as a charming, humorous story the book is beautifully illustrated and inviting, especially Edgar the baboon who just looks so happy.

We have really enjoyed reading Baboon on the Moon. The rhyming text flows beautifully and is very engaging. The illustrations are superb, attractive and appealing and complement the story very well, visually enhancing and bringing life to the text. It isn’t too long or short and will keep the attention of children, even those with short attention spans, especially when they hear of the baboons most unusual feature – his big red bum!

A fun and imaginative story that children will love to read, or have it read to them, over and over again.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £9.99 (Paperback) / £3.50 (Kindle)

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