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Rainbow Cat and Mouse by Julia Stebbing Review

In October 2022 children were introduced to a new book series featuring a cat, but not just any cat, Rainbow Cat – a cat...

Rainbow Cat and the Big Tidy by Julia Stebbing Review

Children’s picture books are lots of fun and perfect for young readers to enjoy as the simple text and lots of pictures make them...

Baboon on the Moon by Claire Bates Review

Bedtime stories are extremely important to a child’s education. They are not only an excellent way of spending some quality time with your children...

When Moggie and Froggie met Doggie by Julia Stebbing Review

I don’t think that children do enough reading and would like to see children read more, especially as there are so many excellent children’s...

The Tale of Kitty-in-Boots by Beatrix Potter Review

Helen Beatrix Potter was best known for her writing, but she was also an illustrator, natural scientist and conservationist. She is mostly known today...

Gus’s Garage by Leo Timmers Review

Gus’s Garage by Leo Timmers, a children’s author from Belgium, is a bright, bold and colourful rhyming picture book that children will adore. Lots of...

Scarlet Underpants Meets the Dragon by Catherine Muir Review

We enjoy lots of books in our house, having everything from board books (Nosy Norman still gets used even though the kids are far...

When Moggie Met Froggie by Julia Stebbing Review

Books can open up whole new worlds, especially children’s books for their young readers (and listeners). Young children should read, or be read to,...

Rocket-Bye by Carole P. Roman Review

With NASA’s Perseverance rover recently landing on Mars, there has been a renewed interest in space, rockets and space exploration. Mars is a very...

Stone Underpants by Rebecca Lisle Review

Children should read a good variety of books to broaden their horizons and make reading much more interesting. Developing a love for reading at...