The Color of Fear by Wendy Wanner Review


The Color of Fear, by Wendy Wanner, is a supernatural thriller featuring unexplained events, murders, witches and Wiccan in small town America.

Rachel is an interior designer living in the small God-fearing town of Eastwood in Massachusetts – a town that has connections to the Salem Witch Trials in neighbouring Salem. After the suicide of her brother, Rachel throws herself into her work redecorating the family homes of some of the oldest and wealthiest families in town. She soon becomes trusted friend of all four families but then a spate of unexplained serial killings, made to look like accidents, start reducing her clientele. This leads her to learn about her own past and how it is intertwined with the The Society and soon becomes very sinister.

With the police at first suspecting no foul play, Rachel starts to investigate the deaths herself and leads her down a very dangerous route spanning over 350 years. Rachel is now involved in trying to find a killer, an explanation that the mysterious symbols she keeps seeing mean and to try and stop the rebirth Wiccan hysteria and the killing of perceived witches.

Overall, I found The Color of Fear to be quite an interesting read. It was mysterious and entertaining with some great characters that felt real. It has mystery, intrigue and suspense without giving too much away and making it predictable.

As a supernatural thriller I would have liked to have read more about the supernatural side and witches, as they were only really hinted at.

I felt some bits could have been shortened while other parts expanded, but all in all it was an enjoyable read.

My only other small negative is the cover of the book, I felt it didn’t portray what the book would be about and wouldn’t stand out when browsing in a bookshop (although it is an intriguing cover), but that’s just me.

Rating: 4/5

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