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The Institute by Stephen King Review

I have been a big fan of novels by Stephen King for decades, I think that his stories are always very creative, thrilling and...

The Taking of Annie Thorne by C. J. Tudor Review

The Taking of Annie Thorne (aka The Hiding Place in the USA) is the second book by C. J. Tudor, author of the hugely...

The Color of Fear by Wendy Wanner Review

The Color of Fear, by Wendy Wanner, is a supernatural thriller featuring unexplained events, murders, witches and Wiccan in small town America. Rachel is an...

Bulwark by Brit Lunden Review

Bulwark is the first book of adult fiction, a paranormal thriller, by Brit Lunden – aka Carole P. Roman, the prolific children’s author who...

The Flip by Michael Phillip Cash Review

The Flip, by Michael Phillip Cash, is a supernatural ghost story about a young couple trying to make a living buying, renovation and selling...

Stillwell by Michael Phillip Cash Review

Stillwell: A Haunting on Long Island, by Michael Phillip Cash, is more than a ghost story and an excellent read. Paul Russo’s wife died at...

The Screaming by David Graham Review

I love reading a good horror story, I think that we all love a good scare now and again. So what can I say...