The Flip by Michael Phillip Cash Review

A Haunting on Long Island Series: Book 2


The Flip, by Michael Phillip Cash, is a supernatural ghost story about a young couple trying to make a living buying, renovation and selling houses until they meet some unfriendly ghosts!

Brad and Julie Evans are house flippers – they buy cheap houses, renovate and sell them, hopefully, for a large profit. When they see Hemmings House, a large Victorian mansion, on Bedlam Street in the scenic Cold Springs Harbour, Long Island. Julie decides it is too good a deal to pass up, but little do they know that it is already inhabited – by Gerald and Tessa, ghosts of the past of the American Civil War!

Julie takes a real liking to the house and wants to keep it and turn it into a quaint bed and breakfast. Brad hates it with a passion and wants to flip it as quick as they possibly can.

Meanwhile, the ghost of Tessa, a big old flirt, has taken a liking to Brad. Gerald, on the other hand, is madly in love with Tessa.

Tessa wants Brad and sets put to get him, while also trying to get rid of Julie. This puts lots of strain on Brad and Julie relationship, but also on Tessa and Gerald. Will their relationships survive the pressure? Will Brad and Julie find out the secrets the old house contains finally freeing Tessa and Gerald?

Overall, The Flip is another great ghostly love story from Michael Phillip Cash. It has been well written and features great characters, with brief mentions and appearances from characters from Michael’s previous book Stillwell. The mix between the supernatural and human worlds are very well created making you believe in the all the characters.

The Flip is an excellent, spooky, quirky and, at times, humorous read (and without any graphic violence found in other books of this genre) that I just couldn’t put down. I’m looking forward to more ghostly tales from this author.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7.99 (Paperback) / £2.99 (Kindle)

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