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The Twenty by Sam Holland Review

Last month (June 2023) I read The Echo Man by Sam Holland, a disturbing novel about a serial killer operating across England who is...

1st to Die by James Patterson Review

Walk around the bookshelves in any supermarket and I can almost guarantee that you will see at least one title by the very prolific...

The Echo Man by Sam Holland Review

I read lots of different genres of novels, but my absolute favourite is books that feature serial killers. Dark and gritty tales of heinous...

Genesis by Chris Carter Review

When you hear the word Genesis what comes to mind? The British rock band, the first book of the Bible or the remarkable brand-new...

The Botanist by M.W. Craven Review

In 2018 a new series of books was unleashed to crime fiction readers by M. W. Craven featuring Detective Sergeant Washington Poe and his...

Mimic by Daniel Cole Review

I love reading crime and police procedural novels but sometimes I need a change as occasionally they can all start to blend into one...

The Judge’s List by John Grisham Review

I love reading legal thrillers by the very accomplished John Grisham as they are always interesting and exciting, stories involving lawyers trying to prove that...

Vengeance is Mine by Harry James Krebs Review

Vengeance is Mine is a title that screams “read me” from the array of books on a shelf, and the image of a flaming...

The Deadly Dozen by Robert Keller Review

True crime stories, both fiction and non-fiction, ones that focus on serial killers, intrigue me and it all started with the world’s most infamous...

What is our Fascination with Crime and True Crime?

In today's world, you cannot pick up newspaper or turn on the evening news without hearing about someone being assaulted, stabbed or shot, it...