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Urban Scarecrows by Jim Chambers Review

Government and politics can be explosive subjects, topics of heated debates had by many depending on where you fall on the political spectrum. Reading...

A Foreign Affair by Colin Mander Review

Politics and thrillers, two topics that go hand in hand. Throw in two powerful families from two different countries, a powerful pharmaceutical business, a...

Rotten to the Core by Rob Murphy Review

I read lots of crime thrillers (I love them) and there on lots to choose from, so when I was asked to read Rotten...

Missing in Shanghai by Jean Harrod Review

Missing in Shanghai is the third instalment in the Diplomatic Crime Series written by former British diplomat Jean Harrod. British diplomat Jess Turner is back...

Deadly Deceit by Jean Harrod Review

Deadly Deceit, by Jean Harrod, a former British diplomat, is the second book in the Diplomatic Crime Series, is a fast-paced, exciting and a...

Deadly Diplomacy by Jean Harrod Review

Deadly Diplomacy, by Jean Harrod, is the first book in the Jess Turner Diplomatic Crime Series and is a fast-paced, gripping thriller that will...