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Discovering The World of Jesper Jinx

In our house there seem to be a lot or “pranks” occurring between the 9 and 12 year old. Recently we found toothpaste smeared...

When Moggie Met Froggie by Julia Stebbing Review

Books can open up whole new worlds, especially children’s books for their young readers (and listeners). Young children should read, or be read to,...

Theodore Boone: The Fugitive by John Grisham Review

John Grisham is an excellent writer of legal thrillers, selling millions of books throughout the world. Nine of his books his books have even...

The Knight Who Might by Lou Treleaven Review

Children should be encouraged to read from a very young age, whether that is being read a bedtime story, shared reading or independent reading...

Substitute Creature by Charles Gilman Review

Substitute Creature, written by Charles Gilman, is the fourth (and final?) book in the Tales from Lovecraft Middle School series. A collection of fantasy...

The Snugglewump by Lou Treleaven Review

We are big fans of Maverick Books in our house, they publish some fantastic picture books, chapter books and early readers. We have received...

Delbert The Reluctant Spy by Marko Kitti Review

Marko Kitti is the author of the fantastic Jesper Jinx series of books. We were first introduced to Delbert in book #5, Jesper Jinx...

Bonkers About Beetroot by Cath Jones Review

Bonkers About Beetroot, written by Cath Jones, is another charming 32-page children’s picture book from Maverick Books. Sunset Safari Park is in danger of closing...