Private Down Under by James Patterson with Michael White Review

Private Series #7

Down Under

Back in 2010 we were first introduced to the Private series, a prestigious investigation company based in Los Angeles, owned and operated by Jack Morgan. Private is a detective agency that is better resourced with high tech equipment and higher paid investigators than the police. Since the first book, the series has visited different cities around the world including London and Berlin, for the seventh instalment in the series we are off to Oz in Private Down Under (2014), written by James Patterson and Michael White.

Private is the world’s most exclusive detective agency, with the best detectives and the most up to date technology that police forces around the world are envious of. Now Jack Morgan is opening a new branch of his prestigious investigation company in Australia, in the city of Sydney.

At the launch party, a glittery affair that overlooks the iconic Sydney Opera House, a young man staggers in. He is soaked in blood, riddled with bullets and his eyes have been gorged out. With what seems to be a kidnapping gone wrong, Private are in for a very busy starting week.

Craig Gisto is in charge of Private in Sydney and within days of their grand opening their caseload is full. Whilst working on the case of the party-crashing dead man that involves the Triad they take on a case involving a missing businessman who seems to be involved with gangsters, a rock star who thinks his manager is trying to kill him and a horrific murder in the wealthy Eastern Suburbs that stretches the team to the limit, especially as it looks like there is a serial killer on the loose.

Overall, Private Down Under is a thrilling read that follows the same format as the other books in the Private series. There is never a dull moment and the formulaic short chapters that James Patterson is known for makes it a fast and enjoyable read.

With themes of kidnap, blackmail, murder and intrigue and is written in such a way that you can easily keep track of what is happening, and you have trouble putting the book down as you just want to read “one” more chapter to see what happens next.

It is a good addition to the series. The story is exciting all the way through and a good thing with the Private series is that it is always introducing new characters to either love or hate.

If you haven’t read any James Patterson novels before then you are in for a treat, and you don’t have to had read the previous books in the series to enjoy the story. James Patterson and Michael White have written a fast-paced thriller that will entertain and thrill with interesting characters and plots.

I highly recommend it and can’t wait to read the next instalment to the Private series!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £18.99 (Hardback) / £8.99 (Paperback) / £4.99 (Kindle)

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