One Hundred Steps by Captain Sir Tom Moore Review

The Story of Captain Sir Tom Moore

Captain Sir Tom Moore

2020 was a horrible year with the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic. Very few people have had very little to celebrate, but in the midst of it all there had been a few truly remarkable people. Who would have thought that a 23-year-old millionaire footballer would raise his head above the parapet and take on the UK government, championing a cause very close to his own heart? Marcus Rashford has taken the fight for childhood food poverty to the very top, raising lots of awareness and support along the way and not for his own ego or self-promotion, but purely to help children in need of a hot meal every day. A big congratulations must go to him. There have been others along the way, some not as famous, some are. Then at the other end of the spectrum is an extremely remarkable 100-year-old called Captain Sir Tom Moore who captured the hearts of the nation, and the entire world, with his kind and selfless act that went above and beyond all his expectations.

“Tomorrow will be a good day”

One Hundred Steps, written by Captain Sir Tom Moore and illustrated by Adam Larkum, is the remarkable story of a nation’s hero and how he set out to raise £1000 for the National Health Service (NHS), and came to raise an eye-watering amount of nearly £40 million.

“The first step is always the hardest, but unless you take that first step, you’ll never finish”

This book is an inspirational picture book for children that tells the remarkable life of a true hero. It is a story of adventure, helping people and never giving up. It tells not only the true story of how one man wanted to walk 100 steps to completing 100 laps of his garden,  all to raise money for the NHS and its charities, but also features key moments from Captain Tom’s extraordinary life. It gives a snippet into his life from a young boy growing up in Yorkshire, serving in the Second World War, racing motorbikes in time trials to his staggering Guinness World Record-breaking achievements, with plenty of funny moments in-between. And all in 32 pages.

Alongside the life and words of wisdom throughout the book are some beautiful illustrations, drawn by Adam Larkum, that really bring the story to life for its younger readers.

The book is littered with words of wisdom that Captain Tom has garnered over his 100 year extraordinary life; that anyone can do or be anything they want, that we can achieve so much more when we come together, and that tomorrow will be a good day. Messages of hope that children, in fact, we all need, this Christmas.

One Hundred Steps is a fabulous funny, inspirational and wonderful keepsake to remember the most truly remarkable event of 2020, a man that went above and beyond to help people that he had never met and took the world by storm. A story of hope and determination and of what can be achieved with true grit, a kind heart and the support of your family.

A truly inspirational story of hope and kindness that would make the perfect gift to celebrate the good that has happened in a bad year.

In April 2020 Captain Tom started on his journey and took his first step to “keep mobile” and raise some money for charity, on 17th July 2020 he received a knighthood, and a well-deserved one at that.

Thank you Captain Tom! You are a role model that every child can look up to and inspire to emulate.

Rating: 5/5

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