Dino Wars: Rise of the Raptors by Dan Metcalf Review

Dino Wars #1

Dino Wars

Dino Wars: Rise of the Raptors, written by Dan Metcalf, is the first in a series of four new children’s books set in the future where dinosaurs rule the earth.

The year is 3142 AD. Humans are on the verge of extinction after genetically modified dinosaurs, they can talk, think and fight, have won the Dino Wars and reclaimed the planet – now called New Earth.

Adam Caine and his sister Chloe, along with Dag – Adam’s best friend and iguanodon dinosaur, live in Bastion, a village made up of mud huts, wooden cabins and farmsteads, where humans and peace-loving dinosaurs co-exist together.

One day, while out playing (or getting into trouble) with Chloe, Dag and the twins Benji & Tuppence they find a secret door carved into the rock. Adam is very inquisitive and opens the door. Their lives are about to change as they accidentally awaken a computer system called HUM3000, which activates the process of making a biological weapon that will make all the dinosaurs extinct for a second time!

They now have 4 weeks to abort the process and set off on a quest to find 4 Dilotron crystals, a clean source of power, that will disarm the Coda Program and save the dinosaurs from extinction again!

Overall, Dino Wars: Rise of the Raptors is a fun-filled adventure story that see our heroes enter a city of carnivorous Raptors in their quest to retrieve the Dilotron crystals.

Dino Wars: Rise of the Raptors is fun, featuring a cast of characters that children can enjoy and relate to. It has plenty of twists and turns, plenty of adventure and best of all, eccentric dinosaurs including the tech loving inventor and a Raptor with a bad attitude.

This is a fun story that I loved reading, and children (age 7 years +) will thoroughly enjoy it. I can’t wait for the next instalment to continue the adventure. Dan Metcalf has written the book in a fun style, some of the dinosaur names will be a bit of a challenge for younger readers but it easily to read.

Also, I must mention the illustrator Aaron Blecha. He has created some great comic book style black & white illustrations to accompany the story and are interspersed throughout the book. They are fun and expressive and add depth to the story.

If you have children that love dinosaurs and adventure, then order a copy today! I’m sure they won’t be disappointed.

The Trials of Terror is book #2 in the series.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £6.99 (Paperback) / £0.99 (Kindle)

For more information, visit maverickbooks.co.uk. Available to buy from Amazon here.

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