Bonkers About Beetroot by Cath Jones Review

Bonkers About Beetroot

Bonkers About Beetroot, written by Cath Jones, is another charming 32-page children’s picture book from Maverick Books.

Sunset Safari Park is in danger of closing down as no one comes to visit the animals any more. Zebra and the other park animals are in despair and call a meeting to try and come up with a plan to increase visitor numbers to save the park, their home. Zebra decides that the world love beetroot, so decides that they will grow the world’s largest beetroot, which will in turn bring in the visitors. Penguin declares it “Bonkers”. But as the visitors start returning, the beetroot just keeps growing, getting bigger and bigger this eventually results in a bonkers problem for Zebra. Will they be able to save their home?

Overall, we loved Bonkers About Beetroot (me and 5-year-old twin boys), which was a surprise, as a story with beetroot in the title didn’t seem very appealing. It is a fun and very original story and has an excellent twist at the end. It is very engaging and kept the boy’s attention, especially the part about making a manure mountain with all the animal poo!

The characters have all been brought to life by the illustrator Chris Jevons and do an excellent job of showing what is happening within the story. All are bright, bold and very colourful.

With a very enthusiastic zebra, a very cynical and grumpy penguin who thinks everything is bonkers and a massive beetroot it makes for a great humorous story, especially for bedtime reading.

So now all you have to do is read the book and see if they save the Safari Park and what happened to the beetroot!

An excellent, funny BONKERS read that children will love.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7.99 (Paperback)

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