The Adventures of Cargo the Army Truck: Cargo Is Ready to Go Review

Written by Paul Dekmetzian | Book 3 of 6

Ready To Go

We are heading off back to rural Australia with Cargo the Army Truck in a new adventure – The Adventures of Cargo the Army Truck: Cargo Is Ready to Go! In case you have forgotten (or new to the adventures of Cargo), Cargo is a retired army truck that loves to help out the stranded communities in Western New South Wales, Australia.

In the first two books of the series, we learned all about Cargo and its heroic exploits delivering food supplies, helping out stranded farmers getting their wool to market and even rescuing a stranded and hungry dog. Now Cargo is back, this time for a slightly different adventure.

In book three, Ready to Go, in The Adventures of Cargo the Army Truck series by Paul Dekmetzian, Cargo is going to teach its young readers some valuable lessons about safety and being prepared when going out / travelling, to school or activities such as going to the beach or camping.

Cargo is a retired army truck, built for traversing rough terrains and getting through when lots of other trucks and cars can’t. But despite its massive size it still has to be prepared and safe when travelling around – Cargo learned the lesson the hard way by getting a flat tyre on one of its trips and not having a spare wheel.

Overall, The Adventures of Cargo the Army Truck: Cargo Is Ready to Go! is a slightly different kind of story than the two previous stories, and for me, much more interesting. It teaches young readers about being prepared for every eventuality, taking your time and checking things twice.

It does an excellent job of relating a army cargo truck to children’s tasks like going to school, the beach and camping and how being prepared can make the whole experience much more pleasant.

It even touches on safety with the difference between red and green lights.

The illustrations are clear and help to tell the story very well.

A very good story about being prepared, making lists and checking things twice before you set off anywhere. An invaluable life lesson that is good for all children to learn.

If you want to know more about Cargo, you can watch a very interesting news item from ABC’s Countrywide program about the exploits of this humanitarian army truck on YouTube here (it is definitely worth a watch).

Rating: 4/5

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