The Adventures of Cargo the Army Truck: Cargo and His Little Brother Elvis Review

Written by Paul Dekmetzian | Book 6 of 6


Cargo the Army Truck, a true Australian hero, is back for another adventure and this time he introduces us to his little brother, Elvis.

If you have been following The Adventures of Cargo the Army Truck series by Paul Dekmetzian, you will be fully aware of Cargo’s adventures in Australia and around the world. Everything from his life in the army to getting a new job delivering food to very hard to reach communities, we have even met his mates and his furry friends.

Cargo is a real life retired army truck and since retiring from the army has tackled many jobs that are just too big other trucks. His exploits of delivering food to cut-off communities during the Australian rainy seasons are legendary.

In book six of this series, Cargo introduces us to his little brother, Elvis. Elvis is also an army truck, just one year younger than his brother. Whilst they look similar, they are very different in personality, just like you and your siblings.

Whilst Cargo was becoming an hero on the long and muddy road, delivering those all-important food and other supplies to small communities in Western Australia, Elvis got a job at The Crocodile and Hippo Park! Perfect for Elvis as he loves the heat and he was big enough that he could move visitors and staff around the park in safety as the crocs couldn’t jump in.

Overall, this is a great addition to the Cargo series. Young readers will learn more about Cargo and his family and the similarities and differences between siblings and a family bond that can’t be broken, even when away from each other.

Whilst Cargo and Elvis have very different jobs and personalities, they are both very important in the jobs that they do and love to spend time together whenever possible.

A very charming adventure story of sibling love and closeness, even when they are apart.

As with the rest of the series, it is a very simple story that children will find easy to read (or love having it read to them). Not only does it feature big trucks, but it also has crocodiles and hippos! The illustrations are fantastic, crisp and clear, colourful and really bring the story to life.

The series and this story continue the theme of being kind and helping people and the addition of Elvis shows the love and unbreakable friendship between siblings, no matter how different or the same you are.

This is a delightful story that readers who love vehicles and animals will enjoy. It is easy to read and isn’t overbearing for young readers. The illustrations are fantastic and the story of brothers who love to help others as well as being together when they can is excellent.

The Adventures of Cargo the Army Truck aren’t action-packed adventure stories but good solid stories with positive messages that children will love and will be able to relate to. And better still, Cargo is a real and very true hero!

Cargo is a real retired army truck and the exploits featured in the series are based on true events. If you want to learn more about the true story of Cargo, other than through the reading of these wonderful books, there is also a very informative and interesting news item from Australian television’s ABC’s Countrywide program about the exploits of Cargo the humanitarian army truck. It is approx. 24 minutes in length but is definitely worth a watch (click on the video below to watch).

Rating: 5/5

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