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Dead Ground by M.W. Craven Review

I love reading books that make up a series, especially ones featuring the same main characters that you get to know and love. But...

Cut Short by M.W. Craven Review

M.W. Craven is a fantastic writer, especially the Washington Poe series (my favourite as the characters of Poe and Tilly are just so different...

The Curator by M.W. Craven Review

After hearing so much about the author M.W. Craven and his Washington Poe series, a few weeks ago I finally picked up the first...

Interview with M. W. Craven

Carlisle-born M. W. Craven took up a probation officer role in Whitehaven in 1999. Seventeen years later, at the rank of assistant chief officer,...

Black Summer by M.W. Craven Review

I recently picked up a book that I had been meaning to read for a long time, The Puppet Show by M.W. Craven, and...

The Puppet Show by M.W. Craven Review

Since lockdown began I have been trying to catch up with my reading and decided to choose a book from my “To Be Read”...