Sarah Killian Serial Killer (For Hire!) by Mark Sheldon Review

Sarah Killian - The Joy of Killing Series #1

Sarah Killian

Wow, what an excellent story. I love books featuring serial killers but Sarah Killian: Serial Killer (For Hire!) by Mark Sheldon is one with a twist and is an excellent dark and fun read.

Sarah Killian is a 30-year-old, single, foul-mouthed, mean-spirited, socially inept loner who also happens to be a Professional Serial Killer (PSK). She works for an ultra-secret organisation known as T.H.E.M (Trusted Hierarchy of Everyday Murderers) who offer murder services in the form of assassins and serial killers. She now kills for profit (and to satisfy her killing urges without the fear of being caught as the government are the biggest clients).

The majority of her work is population control – when a town or city is hitting the limit of their resources she goes in to “thin the herd” by going in as a PSK, murdering some residents to make it look like a serial killer is on the loose. Her latest assignment is a “zoo project” – killing some teenagers in a school that may be about to commit an extreme act of violence.

On her way to start her new assignment she is forced to take a trainee PSK with her. Bethany is a overly perky, happy and extremely talkative (of verbal-vomit according to Sarah) blonde who she doesn’t like and just annoys her. Bethany is the complete opposite of Sarah. Will she be able to refrain from killing her and breaking her contract with T.H.E.M?

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The characters are superb; Sarah is gruff, sarcastic, unpredictable and fun (especially with some the phrases she uses when not wanting to swear – porcupines and Captain Hammer’s nipples).

It is written as Sarah telling the story and is full of dark comedy. The two central characters of Sarah and Bethany work very well together, complete opposites that bounce off each other in a fascinating way. The story travels along at quite a fast and steady pace, which made it a quick and very enjoyable read with plenty of humour along the way.

A fun, enjoyable and refreshing read (who doesn’t like a bit of fun and humour with their serial killers?) with great characters, a great story and I am really looking forward to the other books in the Sarah Killian: The Joy of Killing series to follow more of Sarah’s exploits.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £10.99 (Paperback) / £2.99 (Kindle)

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