Remarkable Women in Verse by Julia Stebbing Review

the small book of BIG achievements

Remarkable Women

There have been some very remarkable people throughout history that have helped shape the world that we live in today. Women have played a big part in that, and in times where women were pretty much seen as second-class citizens. How much do you think you know about Rosa Parks, Helen Keller and her governess Anne Sullivan and Florence Nightingale, four amazing women who played very significant parts in history and helped shape the future? I’m sure everybody knows something about each of these remarkable women, but how much of what you know about them can you easily recall?

Remarkable Women in Verse, written by Julia Stebbing, is a book aimed at 9-12 year olds that tells the story of each of these remarkable women in a fun, informative way that also helps you retain the information through the catchy rhyming verse.

Rosa Parks help changed civil rights in America and the world with the simple non-violent act of sitting down on a bus. A simple act that was a very powerful one.

Helen Keller was a troubled child who with help from her teacher, Anne Sullivan, was the first deaf-blind person to earn a college degree and become an advocate for women’s and disability rights.

Florence Nightingale helped changed the way nursing was carried out in hospitals creating much better working and hygiene practices and saved countless lives.

With the tagline of “the small book of BIG achievements” it could not be more apt. It is a short book of under 30 pages but packs in a massive amount of information about these remarkable women who all achieved BIG things, all without overloading the reader with facts that they will never remember.

This book is all in rhyming verse, packing in lots of information from the birth of each woman, their struggles and frustrations growing up and how they overcame any issues, went against normal conventions of the times they lived in and had a massive, positive impact on the world. Without each one of them the world would be a vastly different place today and probably not for the better.

This book deals with racism, discrimination, segregation, civil rights, nursing and disability, a brilliant example of how education and standing up for your beliefs can not only change your own life but the lives of others.

As one reader commented, “It’s easier to remember when read in verse” and that is a very accurate statement as the short verses pack in a lot of information in an easy to recall way. The rhyming text really does help the reader recall snippets of information.

This may be a short book but is very inspirational and packed with a lot of facts, some that I knew and lots that I didn’t. For example, I never knew that Florence Nightingale (The Lady With The Lamp) got her name because she was actually born in Florence, Italy.

A very informative book that gives the facts in a very unique way to ensure that the young (or old) reader will be able to take them in.

Definitely worth a read for those that want to read about women that have helped change the world and written in a fun and entertaining poetic way.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £5.99 (Paperback) / £1.99 (Kindle)

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