Ragdoll by Daniel Cole Review

Ragdoll Series #1


Ragdoll by Daniel Cole is an excellent and exciting thriller where the killer leaves one body made up from six different victims and no suspects! Along with a statement of intent to kill more! The story features a very creative killer and a set of flawed detectives that make the story a fantastic read.

When a body is found hanging from the ceiling made up from six unknown victims (female torso with limbs from four different people and a male head), disgraced Detective William Oliver-Layton Fawkes (aka Wolf) and Emily Baxter are tasked with finding and stopping the killer. When it comes to light that one of the body parts is that of a child killer that Wolf nearly beat to death in court, Wolf soon realises that it is personal and has limited time to find the next intended victims and stop the killer.

Overall, Daniel Cole’s Ragdoll is a breathless and thrilling read that once I had started reading I had trouble putting it down. It features a renegade detective that has plenty of flaws alongside his good intentions but one that is a very likeable character.

The characters, plot and build up have been written extremely well and the book has enough twists to keep the reader entertained and guessing.

With a very intelligent and methodical killer that has very inventive ways of getting to his victims and killing them in creative ways makes the book totally absorbing – a very exciting heart and pulse pounding read. A flawed set of detectives adds a different dimension and makes the book more than police catching a killer.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and can’t wait for the sequel Hangman (available from March 2018). Ragdoll is fast-paced, has a great plot with inventive murder scenes and excellent characters, all with their own unique flaws.

If you have read and liked books by Chris Carter then you will love Ragdoll.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £12.99 (hardback) / £8.99 (paperback) / £2.99 (Kindle)

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