My Little Eye by Stephanie Marland Review

Starke & Bell Series #1

My Little Eye

“I spy with… My Little Eye… my next victim”

My Little Eye by Stephanie Marland (aka Stephanie Broadribb) is the first new in the new Starke & Bell crime thriller series.

My Little Eye is a crime thriller about a serial killer featuring Detective Inspector Dominic Bell; a seasoned policeman with 19 years on the police force, and Clementine Starke; a student with a passion to prove that crowdsourcing can solve crime before the police.

There is a serial killer loose in London that has just killed for the third time, that sees the victims all made up to look alike, lips and eyes superglued together and no clues, evidence or suspects.

DI Dom Bell has enough problems with an internal investigation into a police operation gone wrong, someone leaking information to the press within his unit and is determined to find the killer before more young women are killed.

Clementine Starke is also troubled and has her own issues but is also determined to find the killer before the police with the help of an online group of true crime fans, led by the mysterious Death Stalker. But her reasons are to stop a killer and find the him before the police to prove their incompetence and how crowdsourcing can be a benefit to police investigations.

Will the killer be caught? If so, who will find him first? You’ll just have to read this exciting book to find out.

Overall, My Little Eye by Stephanie Marland is an excellent, well-written crime thriller. The story builds well, with 2 great central characters. It is not rushed and not filled with boring nonsense that adds nothing to the story. It is intriguing, has just enough twists to keep you guessing and is a totally absorbing, gripping and thrilling read.

I have never read anything before from Stephanie Marland/Stephanie Broadribb, but based on this offering she is a very talented writer and I look forward to more from this series. I will also have to read more under the Stephanie Broadribb pen name.

My Little Eye is an excellent read for all armchair detectives and thriller lovers. A great start to the Starke & Bell series.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7.99 (Paperback) / £1.99 (Kindle)

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