I Am Death by Chris Carter Review

Robert Hunter Series #7

I Am Death

Having not long discovered The Crucifix Killer by Chris Carter and loving it, I couldn’t wait to read some more by him and the Detective Robert Hunter series. The next book I came across was I Am Death, the seventh book in the series. If anything like the first book I was in for a treat.

Detective Robert Hunter is with the LAPD’s Ultra-Violent (UV) unit of the Homicide-Robbery division. When a 20-year-old babysitter is abducted from a house a horrific murder spree is about to begin with the killer leaving messages and puzzles for the police. The killer is daring the police to catch him if they are smart enough. This new monster is known as DEATH.

Overall, I think Chris Carter is a fantastic writer. I Am Death is a quite disturbing thriller with a very unique serial killer and is totally fascinating, absorbing and brilliant. I loved every page.

While some readers may find some of the violence involved extreme it does make a chilling read and makes this book stand out from others.

It has some great plot twists, one of which I sort of figured out but wasn’t too sure about. Chris Carter keeps you guessing right to the end and does it in a fashion that keeps you interested and turning the pages for more.

This is the second book I have read by Chris Carter and am loving the Robert Hunter series (I have just been out and bought two others in the series).

Chris Carter has a great talent for writing about violent serial killers and I Am Death is a fantastic story that you will just not be able to put down, I just hope that you aren’t too squeamish!

Highly recommended.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £16.99 (Hardcover) / £8.99 (Paperback) / £4.99 (Kindle Edition)

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