Ghost Stories by Pennie Mae Cartawick Review

2 creepy tales

Ghost Stories

Growing up I loved reading ghost stories, spooky tales and lots of horror. I still very much love a good creepy tale now. A darkened room with a good spooky or even terrifying story is a great way to spend an evening. Ghost Stories, by Pennie Mae Cartawick, is a short book of about 52 pages featuring 2 short, creepy ghost tales: Silence Be Damned and The Exchange so it was going to be a quick read before I went to bed.

As I have already said, Ghost Stories is made up of 2 short stories and the first story featured is Silence Be Damned.

Silence Be Damned is the story of Lydia. She has been diagnosed with epilepsy which has placed some restrictions on what kind of things she can do including no longer being allowed to drive, forcing her to use public transport. On her way home she accidently bumps into a man on the escalator onto the train platform, no big deal but this is moment that starts a nightmare journey. Unfortunately, she has somehow boarded a ghost train and her life is now in danger.

The second story featured is The Exchange.

The Exchange sees 11-year-old Luke moving house again. This is the third time in a year, after the death of his father. This time he has moved to a new State, so he doesn’t know anybody and is without any friends. On a visit to the local park, he sees a girl on the swings and he decides to talk to her. Unbeknownst to him, she has a tragic past and wants revenge. This now puts Luke and his family in mortal danger. With the help of phone calls from his dead father and a bathroom mirror he has to try and save his family from her murderous intentions.

Overall, both the short stories in Ghost Stories are extremely well-written, creepy, thrilling and very enjoyable. They are both quick to read, spine-tingling ghost stories that have been set in everyday locations to get your attention – no deserted haunted mansions here. They will certainly make you think twice when you are boarding a train, visiting a park or even looking into a bathroom mirror. You never know when and where a ghost with a grudge, seeking revenge will appear or even how, even in the innocent form of a child.

My favourite story is The Exchange and I really would love to see this expanded into a longer, more in-depth novel.

Both are excellent ghost stories. They have been expertly written and have great characters. Whilst they won’t terrify you, they are definitely creepy tales to enjoy.  Ghost Stories is definitely a MUST READ for lovers of ghosts and the supernatural.

As the content is more creepy than out and out horror I would say that this book is suitable for older children and adults.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £3.59 (Paperback) / £0.99 (Kindle)

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