Daisy in Chains by Sharon Bolton Review

Daisy in Chains

Daisy in Chains, from Sharon Bolton, sees a serial killer locked away for life, but is he guilty?

I loved the Lacey Flint series of crime novels from Sharon Bolton so was looking for to reading Daisy in Chains. This is not part of the Lacey Flint series but is still about a dangerous serial killer.

Hamish Wolfe, a handsome and charismatic doctor, is currently serving a whole life tariff in HMP Parkhurst on the Isle of Wight. He was tried and convicted of the murder of 3 young woman, with a fourth missing (also feared to be one of his victims). He has been labelled a serial killer.

While in prison, Wolfe receives hundreds of letters daily from adoring women, but he replies to very few.

Wolfe has always protested his innocence so decides to write to Maggie Rose, a lawyer who specialises in appeals, for her help in getting his conviction overturned and releasing him from prison. Along with his mother and his “fan club” they apply pressure to get her to accept the case.

Maggie Rose is a bestselling true-crime author (she writes books about the cases and clients she helps free from prison after wrongful convictions) and she is also very reclusive. She only takes on cases she thinks that she can win and ones that interest her. She agrees to take on his case after some persuasion, but will she be able to resist the charms of this serial killing doctor?

Overall, I loved Daisy in Chains. It is twisted and brilliant. It has an excellent plot with lots of twists that will keep you guessing right until the end. It is very well written and doesn’t disappoint. The 3 main characters (Hamish Wolfe, Maggie Rose and D.I. Pete Weston) are all superb, all have character and depth.

With some of the book written as emails and letters, they add a good dimension to the story and really draw you in.

If you love crime thrillers that are a little bit different then I can highly recommend Daisy in Chains. It starts with the killer locked away so be prepared for an exciting ride in this dark psychological tale that you will be hard pushed to put down and go to bed at night.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £12.99 (Hardback) / £7.99 (Paperback) / £4.99 (Kindle)

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