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I have really enjoyed the books written by David Hatton, they are all different kinds of stories and make excellent interesting reading. So far, he has written five books, they are all standalone novels, and I haven’t read them in the order that they were written but I have just finished the last of the five books, the second one he published, The Medium, and whilst I have really enjoyed all the other books, I think this is his best yet and the one that I have enjoyed most.

The afterlife. All of must have wondered, or will do at some point, what happens when we depart this mortal coil. Is there something that awaits us or is it just nothingness?

The Medium is about a psychic medium and death – a supernatural thriller, or is it? Whilst it features a medium who can apparently speak to the dead and pass on messages to the living, it is also a story of death, devotion and deception. A crime thriller with many layers that makes fascinating reading.

Michael Walker has had an awful couple of years. First his young son is killed in a hit and run. Then 18 months later his wife goes missing. Grieving for both, when he is approached by a psychic medium claiming to know the whereabouts of his missing wife, he has to choose between his beliefs in science and the desire to find the love of his life. But is the medium everything she claims?

Overall, The Medium is a fantastic story. It is a story of love, loss and grief, and the lengths people will go to in their quest for answers, and the deception involved in helping to give those answers.

Based around a psychic medium, it is an excellent crime thriller that touches on the supernatural. Can mediums really speak to the dead or does their skill lie in lots of research and deception? Whether they are real or not, whether you believe or not, if they bring comfort to grieving people and help them move on is it wrong?

The Medium is a very well researched and put together story. It does an excellent job of striking a good balance between believing in psychics or not, whether their gift is real or not and if you choose to believe or not. And keeps you guessing right up until the end, constantly flipping back and forth trying to decide what really happened (at least for me it did) before all the answers and revealed. I don’t want to say too much about the story as I wouldn’t want to give anything away that would ruin the story.

The characters in the book are all very well fleshed out and really get you engaged with the twisted tale between the pages and really drive the story. They come across as very real and relatable and a have a good depth to them. Even when you think you have the characters sussed more is revealed that throws a new light on things – character development is excellent.

The Medium is a book that you can’t help but read that little bit more to find out if what you are thinking is correct and there are plenty of surprises and twists along the way that I think make this the best story I have read by David Hatton.

It is packed with suspense and tension, twists and shocks, a really engaging, engrossing, exciting and thrilling read that travels along at a very good pace.

Fantastic reading.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7.99 (Paperback) / £2.36 (Kindle)

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