The Bone Collector by Jeffery Deaver Review

Lincoln Rhyme Series #1

The Bone Collector. Sounds rather gruesome, doesn’t it? Something more akin to a gruesome horror than a crime or police procedural thriller novel. If you think the name sounds familiar, like me, you probably know the name from the movie starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie. This film was based on the book of the same name written by Jeffery Deaver (published in 1997) and is the first book in the Lincoln Rhyme series (there are 15 books in the series so far).

I love the film, Denzel is excellent as Lincoln Rhyme but, as it the case most of the time, the book is so much better, for me it is more vivid, descriptive and much more intense from the very first page.

For those of you who haven’t seen the film or read the book, The Bone Collector is the first book in the Lincoln Rhyme series, written by American author Jeffery Deaver. Lincoln Rhyme was a forensic expert and the nation’s foremost criminalist with the NYPD until a tragic accident left him as a bedridden quadriplegic. He is planning his own death until The Bone Collector, a murderous criminal like no other, appears with an intriguing case for Rhyme to gather the evidence and catch him if he can.

The Bone Collector is a crime thriller with a serial kidnapper, a creative murderer who leaves only clues and evidence that he wants to leave for the detectives to decipher. The main protagonists of the brilliant quadriplegic forensic detective and the caring rookie police officer will certainly have their minds and skills put to the test.

Overall, what a fantastic and exciting thrilling read! I saw the movie of The Bone Collector years ago and absolutely loved it and have watched it several times since. I have only just got around to reading the book, and wow, it is so much better, much more enjoyable and an extremely thrilling read.

It starts with the kidnapping of 2 bankers and their rather unique murders and doesn’t really let up until it’s thrilling conclusion.

The style of writing really pulls you in with its excellent characters, especially Lincoln Rhyme himself who has a massive chip on his shoulder, is brilliant and intelligent, angry, irritable and at times quite unpleasant and it makes him an unlikeable character whilst at the same time being very likeable and one you can get behind (if, at times, to only slap him around the back of his head). Amelia Sachs is a rookie police officer that is pulled into the case by Rhyme to be his eyes, arms, legs and evidence gathering who works the crime scenes – she compliments Rhyme well and calls him out when required. The main characters of Rhyme, Sachs and The Bone Collector are excellent, as are the supporting cast of characters, all unique and interesting and all with their own flaws and personalities that come alive on the pages. The dynamics between the characters is excellent and the character development is superb.

With some bizarre and very unique murders and a series of clues for Rhyme to piece together to try and save the next victim, the story is packed with tension and travels along at a very good pace and definitely keeps the reader’s interest.

The Bone Collector is a fantastic read, even with some of the police terminology and forensic procedures that you may need to look up (there is an appendix in the back of the book that tells you what these are), but these do add an air of authenticity to the story. It is exciting, thrilling and a wonderful read.

As well as the story of a kidnapping murder who is terrorising New York City, there is also the underlying story of a bedridden quadriplegic who is struggling to come to terms with being so severely disabled and his struggle to try and end his own life.

Whether you have seen the film or not, you definitely have to read the book, I don’t think that you will be disappointed. The story twists, turns and takes you by surprise and you will have trouble putting the book down.

An intriguing and intense crime thriller that will leave you wanting more.

Rating: 5/5

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