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Interview with Ben Jackson & Sam Lawrence

Welcome to What’s Good to Read, and welcome to our author interviews! Today we are talking to Ben Jackson and Sam Lawrence, a husband and...

Q&A with Kim from Maverick Books, Editor of Trailblazer

Regular readers of this blog will know that we are big fans of Maverick Books. Maverick Books are an independent publisher of children’s books...

Interview with M. W. Craven

Carlisle-born M. W. Craven took up a probation officer role in Whitehaven in 1999. Seventeen years later, at the rank of assistant chief officer,...

Interview with Shaun Baines, author of Woodcutter

I have just finished reading Woodcutter, the debut author by Shaun Baines, that I thought was a fantastic action-packed, brutal and gritty thriller (you...

Interview with Marc Whelchel, author of The Doubly Dead Angel-Thief

I have just finished reading The Doubly Dead Angel-Thief that was kindly sent to me by Marc Whelchel and thoroughly enjoyed (although I did...

Interview with David Graham

I recently had the opportunity to have a short interview with David Graham, author of the thriller The Screaming (if you haven't read it...