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Mill Creek Cottage by Shaun Baines Review

I really enjoy reading crime thrillers, among other books and genres, and have been enjoying the Holly Fleet Mystery series by Shaun Baines. The...

Hadaway Farm by Shaun Baines Review

I read lots of thrillers / crime thrillers and some can be quite involved and taxing. In 2018, I discovered a new author of...

Juniper Falls by Shaun Baines Review

Earlier this year I read Black Rock Manor, a Holly Fleet mystery, by Shaun Baines and really enjoyed it. I loved the dark, gritty...

Black Rock Manor by Shaun Baines Review

In 2018 I was introduced to a new author, Shaun Baines, and loved his book, Woodcutter. Woodcutter was the start of a dark, gritty...