Artificial Wisdom by Thomas R. Weaver Review

A climate & AI murder-mystery technothriller

Artificial Wisdom

Recently the world has seen some extreme weather events with heatwaves, storms, hurricanes, lightning events and flooding. There really is no denying climate change. Artificial Wisdom, by Thomas R. Weaver, is a fictional Cli-Fi (climate fiction) novel based on climate change and AI (artificial intelligence) as well as being a fantasy technothriller murder-mystery. And I thought it was a terrific read, a unique story that was very interesting, very current and a very enjoyable and absorbing reading.

Set in the year 2050, a decade after a heatwave that killed four hundred million across the Persian Gulf, the world is voting for a new global dictator to deal with the climate crisis and extreme heat. The final vote has come down to a former US President and an artilect – the world’s first AI politician. The death toll included the wife of journalist Marcus Tully and when new information comes to light from a mysterious whistleblower, he sets out to discover the truth – what really happened? Was it just a natural disaster or something much more sinister? Is the weather now a weapon of genocide?

And when the creator of Solomon, an AI that is the governor of several floating islands and in the running to be leader and dictator of the entire world, is found murdered, Tully becomes embroiled in the biggest story of his life. A murder investigation that at its heart is part of an election battle for a global dictator. A global dictator with a mandate to prevent a climate apocalypse. While a former US President campaigns against the first AI politician, is someone trying to tip the balance?


Overall, Thomas R. Weaver’s Artificial Wisdom is an excellent, thought-provoking read. The cover and provocative title make you want to pick up this book, and the story more than matches that initial visual intrigue. It is a very well-written tale that despite the complex themes of climate change, future tech and AI is easy to read and understand the issues and a story that is very hard to put down. It is a story that could be frighteningly too real with the world’s current events.

Set in a not-too-distant futuristic tech world of nanobots, neuro reality (NR) and advanced AI, mixed with politics, climate change disasters and murder, you would think that it could make the story too technical and hard reading – it is anything but. The author has created a very realistic future, one that is not too far away and very believable and has blended all the different aspects and themes superbly, creating a splendid story that is easy to read without being over-technical, hard going or off-putting.

The story could be one that could be found on any news channel now – self-serving politicians that have failed in the challenge of climate crisis, world-wide destructive weather events, the rise of powerful AI and the super-rich separated from it all. These very real issues combined with a murder-mystery and a well-constructed story make Artificial Wisdom a book that really in unputdownable!

Whilst it is a fantastic story, the characters are excellent. They are well-developed, relatable and realistic. Tully is a grief-stricken journalist that always wants to find the absolute truth and is very likeable and a character that the reader can engage with.

The story travels along at a very good place and has plenty of twists and turns that keep the story moving, engaging and entertaining.

Artificial Wisdom is an extremely thrilling murder mystery set in a futuristic world that has very real issues at its heart. It is a fantastic fictional look at where the world could be heading with the rise of AI and climate crisis. The attention to detail is excellent and the tech is superb without being too technical for the reader to engage with.

I loved Artificial Wisdom. It is a wonderfully thought-provoking and captivating read. If you are a lover of sci-fi, cli-fi, murder mystery or thrillers then you will love Artificial Wisdom – it has it all wrapped up in one astounding story that could almost be far too real.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £14.99 (Hardback) / £4.99 (Kindle)

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