Trick or Treat by Jamie Stewart Review

a short story

Trick or Treat

Well, we are now into October, and we all know what that means – Halloween: the undead, monsters and spooky stories. The monsters will be out roaming the streets, inviting you to let them in so they can fulfil their murderous desires. But we all know that once you invite them over the threshold, your time in this world is over – or is it? In Jamie Stewart’s Trick or Treat, one grieving woman deliberately summons and invites in a monster only to take revenge on it for the death of her son.

Trick or Treat is a short story of only forty pages, but it accomplishes a lot within those pages and creates a very well-crafted horrific tale, a tale that never seems rushed or unfinished and one that is just a very good and creepy read, excellent.

It’s Halloween and the kids are all dressed up, going from house-to-house Trick or Treating. But in Denison Street there is one house they all stay away from, Number Ten. This house is known as the witch’s house! It isn’t because it is in a run-down area, in fact it is a well-maintained middle-class area, and the house is very well looked after. It gets its name because the woman that lives there suffered a tragic loss the previous Halloween when her five-year-old son Lucas was kidnapped and viciously murdered by The Reaper Man!

In the year since the loss of the son, life hasn’t been good for Jane. She has lost her son, her husband has left her, and her neighbours and friends have little to do with her. But this Halloween is going to be different, she is going to take revenge on The Reaper Man. And that means inviting a monster into her home! Who will be the victor in a classic story of good vs evil?

Overall, even though Trick or Treat is only a very short story, covering forty pages, it is an excellent creepy and scary atmospheric read. Definitely a story to get the reader in the mood for Halloween or just late-night scare fests!

The story is told from two points of view (POV); Jane, the grieving mother who is seeking revenge and Susie, a friend and neighbour of Jane’s that hasn’t had much to do with her since her son was murdered.

The story expertly draws the reader in with a slow build up before unleashing the terror. With its rich and interesting characters and a tale that is told in in the past and present, it is a story that is just brilliant. Now whilst I prefer longer stories as sometimes short stories just feel like they rush to the conclusion, with Trick or Treat, Jamie Stewart has accompanied a short story that reads like a longer and fuller story yet still leaves you wanting more and all without feeling rushed or incomplete.

I really enjoyed this tale of Halloween murder and revenge and the twist on classic horror tales is excellent. It is a story that finishes a lot stronger than when it started.

If you like a good horror story, then Jamie Stewart’s Trick or Treat is definitely worth a read! A well-crafted short story that will scare, delight and leave you wanting more!

Rating: 5/5

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