Trevor Takes Flight by Sam Lawrence & Ben Jackson Review

A children's story of determination and overcoming fear.

Trevor Takes Flight

Well, summer has gone (what little we had of it, at least in Manchester anyway). Autumn is now poking its head out, blowing leaves off the trees and spitting rain drops over everything. And the colder weather is starting to dance around the edges of our daily lives. But whilst you are snuggled up in a cosy chair with your hot chocolate (or in my case tea) reading this, spare a thought for poor old Trevor in the new children’s book Trevor Takes Flight. Trevor the goose is stuck in Canada and with the colder weather approaching he should be migrating south to warmer climates, except that he CAN’T FLY!

With it coming up to October, the weather in Canada is starting to get colder and will soon change to snow and ice. Not good conditions for a Canadian Goose. Trevor needs to migrate south to sunnier, warmer climates for the winter. But Trevor is actually very very scared of flying.

Trevor has tried a lot of things to overcome his fear of flying. He has tried flying on an aeroplane, riding on a fast train and a large ship but he was always refused passage as no birds were allowed. He doesn’t want to spend the winter in the cold whilst the other geese are sunning themselves somewhere else. He doesn’t like it that the other geese make fun of him and his fear of flying. But Trevor is a very determined goose, and he is resolute that he will overcome his fear. Will he achieve his goal and head south to the warmer American states or even Mexico?

Overall, Trevor Takes Flight (by the authors of the My Little FartHockey Wars and Softball Strikeout children’s series of books) is an excellent story of determination, courage and overcoming fear – a joy to read. Perfect for children aged 3-8 years.

Trevor has a fear of flying (Aerophobia) and wants to overcome it, it is having a negative effect on his life. This is his tale of how he does it and one that everybody can learn from. Yes, it is a story of keep trying different things to overcome your fears and with determination and hard work you will get there. But it is also a story about it not being easy and the best way is to take baby steps and slowly but surely increase them until you reach your goal. It is a story of never giving up, baby steps, practice makes perfect alongside courage, determination and a strong mental attitude.

Trevor Takes Flight is a delightful heart-warming tale of perseverance. It is an empowering read for children about overcoming fears, self-belief and trying new things. An engaging read with a great educational aspect and deep meaning.

The story is excellent, and Trevor is a wonderful character that children will adore. The underlying message of trying new things and trying to overcome your fears (it doesn’t need to be a fear of flying) is engaging, relatable and one that children will be able to understand and learn from.

I loved the message that this story delivers. The story is excellent and the crisp, clean, vivid illustrations (by Kezzia Crossley) are fantastic, helping children visualise the sad, scared goose transform into a happy, soaring goose when his perseverance pays off and he achieves flight. A wonderful story of using small steps as building blocks to achieve great heights and conquer your fears.

A fantastic story that is beautifully told and illustrated, with a brilliant positive message. A very easy and worthy 5/5.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £8.99 (Paperback) / £3.19 (Kindle)

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