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Stone Mothers by Erin Kelly Review

You can't keep the secret. You can't tell the truth. You can't escape the past. Psychological and suspense thrillers seem to be the in thing...

Escape by Iain Rob Wright Review

"JUSTICE DEMANDS THE TRUTH!" 23-year-old Cheryl (Cher) has a fairly new job (she’s been there 3 months) and really wants to fit in and get...

For Your Own Protection by Paul Pilkington Review

For Your Own Protection, by Paul Pilkington, is a superb crime thriller involving an unlikely hero in Matt Roberts – a City banker turned...

The History Major by Michael Phillip Cash Review

The History Major, by Michael Phillip Cash, is a suspense novella of 120 pages about a college freshman, Amanda Greene, who awakens after a...

The Chalk Man by C. J. Tudor Review

The Chalk Man, the debut novel by C. J. Tudor, is a roller-coaster ride of an eerie thriller with twists and turns right up...