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The Good Life by Martina Cole Review

Crime novels are a massive genre and I have read lots by a plethora of different authors. One of the biggest female names in...

Pallbearer by Shaun Baines Review

Pallbearer, by Shaun Baines, is book 2 in the Daniel Dayton series and the sequel to Woodcutter. It is a very violent, gritty, dark,...

Woodcutter by Shaun Baines Review

If you like violent crime/gangster thrillers then you will absolutely Woodcutter, the debut novel by Shaun Baines. The Daytons are a feared criminal family in...

A Liverpool Streetwise Kid by Charlie Seiga Review

A Liverpool Streetwise Kid is the third book written by Charlie Seiga. While the previous 2 (Killer and The Hyenas) are about his adult...

The Hyenas by Charlie Seiga Review

After reading Charlie Seiga's first book “Killer” I was hooked and had to read the next one. Killer is a great, well-written autobiography about...

Killer by Charlie Seiga Review

People are fascinated by true crime stories, everything from non-violent thefts to the most gruesome of serial murders. Readers just love getting a glimpse...