Kill Me If You Can by James Patterson Review

with Marshall Karp

Kill Me

James Patterson has to be the world’s most prolific writer; at times it seems like he has two or three books out at time (although a majority now are collaborations with other authors). I love reading his Detective Alex Cross, Women’s Murder Club and Private series but I do also enjoy his standalone thrillers. In 2011 he published, in collaboration with Marshall Karp, Kill Me If You Can, a standalone thriller.

Matthew Bannon is a poor and struggling art student living in New York City. During a chaotic assassination attempt / suspected terrorist attack in New York’s Grand Central Station he comes across a duffel bag, and this bag is either going to be the end of all his problems or the start of problems even bigger than he already has. This bag is filled with millions of dollars worth of diamonds, so he knows it’s not legit and could be problematic.

Initially Matthew thinks that this old and worn leather doctors’ bag is the end of all his money problems for him and his girlfriend Katherine, but he soon comes to realise that it is just the start of his problems as the bag belongs to the Russian Mafia, and they want their diamonds back, and it doesn’t matter what the cost is. Matthew is now involved in a very dangerous game with some very dangerous people.

The Russian Mafia are determined to get back their diamonds and hire two assassins, including the world’s greatest assassin, known as the Ghost (a hitman with a conscious). They have been hired to find the who has the diamonds, recover them and kill whoever took them.

Overall, Kill Me If You Can is a fast-paced and exciting thriller from James Patterson and his co-writer Marshall Karp (it has Patterson’s style and layout, but you can clearly see and feel the writing of Karp who seems to have written most, if not all, of it). It is a quick and easy read, an action packed on the edge of your seat thriller. Although it a slightly unbelievable plot and a bit farfetched at times, it is written well, thrilling and exciting and it will keep you turning the page to find out what happens next. Pure escapism and enjoyable entertainment.

It is packed with thrills, spills and plenty of twists and turns right until the end, enough to keep you glued to your seat and maintain your interest.

Kill Me If You Can is a very enjoyable, entertaining and captivating story. It is never going to win any great literary awards but does what it is designed to do – takes you away into another world where pure fiction lets you escape for a few enjoyable hours.

It is a fast and easy to read and one that you will not be disappointed that you took the time to pick up.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £18.99 (Hardback) / £7.99 (Paperback) / £3.99 (Kindle)

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