Hockey Wars 13: Great White North by Sam Lawrence & Ben Jackson Review

Hockey Wars series: Book #13

Hockey Wars 13

Hot on the heels of the girl’s ice hockey team, the Dakota Hurricanes, visiting Sweden to take part in an international tournament (Hockey Wars 12: Euro Tournament), it is now the turn of the boy’s team, Lightning, to go on their travels for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They are heading off to Canada to compete in the Great White North Tournament, with the best of the best in North America.

The Hockey Wars series is a series of children’s books aimed at readers aged 8+ based around ice hockey. Whilst the series is based around ice hockey it looks at more than just the sport but friendships, family dramas, rivalry and, of course, competitive sport.

After lots of practice, lots of fundraising (with the Hurricanes), the boys are nearly ready for their much anticipated invite-only tournament in Canada. Can they beat the best teams from USA and Canada and come home with the prize? Cameron, Millie, Georgia, Rhys, Khloe, and all the crew and are back for another sporting adventure in Hockey Wars 13: Great White North by Sam Lawrence & Ben Jackson.

The Lightning boys were jealous of their friends, the Dakota Hurricanes, and their trip to Sweden to play in an international tournament. After both teams helped each other with lots of fundraising activities it is time for the boys to head off to Canada for their own tournament – the Great White North Tournament! But more is going on than just playing hockey, especially as Valentine’s Day is approaching.

Overall, this is a great addition to the Hockey Wars series that follows Cameron, Millie and their friends. Continuing from where the previous book finished, the boys, with the help of the girls, are continuing to fundraise for their trip so that their parents have less to pay out. And love is the air!

The series is based around ice hockey but is more than just a sporting adventure. In this thirteenth instalment Cameron and Millie’s relationship is starting to blossom, Sage has a secret admirer, and the hockey tournament is going to be their hardest yet.

The book is an easy to read fun story with short chapters, 15 chapters over 140 pages, which makes it fast and interesting reading that keeps the attention of the reader. It is a simple tale but one that delivers more than sporting drama, it does show the importance of team sports, teamwork, sportsmanship and achieving your goals but it is also as much about friendships and growing up. As a sports based book, it isn’t aimed at just boys or girls, with its excellent mix of characters that readers can relate to and engage with, it has strong personalities that do more than play and talk about sport, making it a book that everybody will enjoy.

This is a fun book to read that has the fun and excitement of competitive ice hockey mixed with the realities of being of a teenager.

Another great instalment in the Hockey Wars series that is fun to read. And if hockey isn’t your thing, check out the new sports-based series Softball Strikeout or (my favourite) Don’t Fart in the Pool by the same authors.

Rating: 5/5

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