The Forgotten Painting by Gabriel Farago Review

Forgotten Painting

The Forgotten Painting is a historical mystery novella written by Gabriel Farago, featuring Jack Rogan, from the Jack Rogan mysteries (The Empress Holds the Key, The Disappearance of Anna Popov and The Hidden Genes of Professor K) and gives an insight into how Jack Rogan started.

70 years after the end of World War II, an unknown, lost painting by Claude Monet is being auctioned off. The painting was originally stolen in 1943 by the Nazis.

The Forgotten Painting is the story of how the painting came to be found. Jack Rogan, author and great storyteller, is given an old diary by a dying friend and finds clues within in to help him find the hidden treasure. But after the painting is sold, a Swiss banker claims that the painting is a fake as he is the owner of the real one!

Joining forces with a glamourous journalist, Cecilia Crawford, they are now trying to discover who has the fake and how there came to be one!

Overall, The Forgotten Painting is a good short story. I haven’t read any of the other Jack Rogan mysteries but this is a great introduction. The characters are good and it is an interesting read with a bit of history, mystery and thrills.

As it is a short story it does rush through at a fast pace but keep my interest and I will be looking at reading the full novels in the series.

If you like history, mystery or thrillers then this is a very good read to introduce to the Jack Rogan mysteries, and as it is currently free on Kindle what do you have to lose by not giving it a try?

Rating: 4/5

RRP: FREE (Kindle)

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